Zelda DX's PrintShop Gallery
Say "Yes" to all the questions the mouse askes you.
Go to cliff on the far left side of the shores with Marin.
Fall in the well with Marin.
Walk up to the rooster statue while Marin is with you.
Look in right window of Ulrira's house.
Walk up to Bow-Wow while he is chained.
Steal from the shop.
With Magnifying Glass, go under the bridge and talk to Fisherman
With Magnifying Glass go to upper right corner of a house in Animal Village.
Walk up to the castle gate before lowering the bridge.
Talk to the ghost after you have brought him back to the grave!
Walk across the bridge that 3 screens right of Chicken House.
This is an alternate to Pic 1. Instead of saying "Yes" say "No" over and over.